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Burning Man 2019 - Going it Alone November 3, 2019 Essays & Travel Note: This piece was heavily edited for a bunch of reasons. If the transition worked, I just cut the bit but you may occasionally see [Redacted]. If A Review of Desert X March 20, 2019 Essays & Travel Let’s begin here; attending Desert X was a phenomenal daytrip and the most ambitious artist’s date I’ve ever taken. If you’re unfamiliar, Desert X Pilgrimage to the Center: Burning Man 2018 October 3, 2018 Travel & Essays Of all the cultural and tribal identities that have accreted to me like barnacles, the one I am most comfortable with, the one that fits best is An Invitation to the Burner Scene October 4, 2016 Essays & Travel Dear John; You are 29, and for the last few months your dear friend has been inviting you to house parties, camp outs, and other events of a