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Kid World August 30, 2023 Blog I’m in kid world, that place where my days are driven by the tempo and rhythm of children (usually but not always my kid). I’m in kid world much, I’ve never been much an editor, much less an archivist. June 12, 2023 Blog That said, I’ve always bucked against my own leanings and biases; felt like I should be a A New Moon June 12, 2023 Blog I lost writing, for a time. It was one of a myriad of things I threw on the pyre of trying to keep a failing marriage going, mortgaging Time used to be different. August 8, 2022 Blog We used to make time with the animals and plants. Spring was when daffodils bloomed, which varied year to year as we A Pile of Dead Selves August 2, 2022 Blog Death and rebirth is the name of the game. Rising, only to fall, only to rise again; life and death, victory and defeat, expansion contraction – the I used to suffer from optimization sickness. June 1, 2022 Blog Whatever I was doing, I thought I could do it better. Whatever I accompished, I thought I could do I never regret camping. April 12, 2022 Blog I never regret going out dancing. I never regret writing. I never regret having an adventure with my kid. I never regret Let us begin here, in what is the source of ancient & eternal May 30, 2021 Blog wisdom: you will die. Unless you pin your hopes on some manner of transhuman excess or The River October 3, 2020 Blog Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time white water rafting with my family. We traversed most of the rivers available in California and beyond: I love my city. October 2, 2020 Blog I don’t love the housing prices. And we have our share of problems: our radical unsustainabilities, our hypocrisies, and it’s La Jolla Fog October 5, 2019 Blog The La Jolla fog swept in on a bright October day. San Diego early autumns are tricky; they can be the hottest time for the city a brutal second On Travel March 23, 2019 Blog I love the feeling of traveling, of having my entire life (briefly) strapped to my back. I love the light movement, surfing over the world and the Scare-People May 4, 2017 Blog In my apartment’s laundry, there is what appears to be a security camera (it might be fake). Someone has placed a crumpled sticker over the plastic