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2022. Aug 8, 2022 Blog 4.3 — A Pile of Dead Selves #blog #life Death and rebirth is the name of the game. Rising, only to fall, only to rise again; life and death 2022. Aug 8, 2022 Blog 4.1 Time’s Garden #blog #life Time used to be different. We used to make time with the animals and plants. Spring was when daffodils bloomed En Memento Mori: Life in the Perma-Covid May 30, 2021 Essays & Blog Let us begin here, in what is the source of ancient & eternal wisdom: you will die. Unless you pin your hopes on some manner of transhuman excess or The River Oct 3, 2020 Blog Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time white water rafting with my family. We traversed most of the rivers available in California and beyond: Canyon Crashing Oct 2, 2020 Blog I love my city. I don’t love the housing prices. And we have our share of problems: our radical unsustainabilities, our hypocrisies La Jolla Fog Oct 5, 2019 Blog The La Jolla fog swept in on a bright October day. San Diego early autumns are tricky; they can be the hottest time for the city a brutal second Scare-People May 4, 2017 Blog In my apartment’s laundry, there is what appears to be a security camera (it might be fake). Someone has placed a crumpled sticker over the plastic