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Learning to Travel On Problems On Radical Inclusion Terms with the Dead Dog Shit: Practicing Judgment, Practicing Being Hated… Enlightenment & Reductionism Fatherhood 8 Years In Story Capture Meditations Status Hacking The Numinous, Trauma, and What Comes After Fatherhood – 6 Years Soul Retrieval Burning Man Travelogue 2019: Lessons in Going it Alone On the Limits of Relationships Composing a Life A Review of Desert X Fatherhood - 4 and a Half Years In Scare-People & False Signifiers Pilgrimage to the Center: Burning Man 2018 ScreenWorld Fatherhood: Three Years In On Why so Many of ‘Us’ Suffer The Skills I Intend to Give My Daughter Pokémon Go and the Invitation to Play An Invitation to the Burner Scene Fatherhood 22 Months In 3 Things I Learned Wearing “Women’s” Pants Fatherhood: Seven Months In Monogamish Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, Lex Luthor, and the Hobbled
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Seven Rounds In the Absence Earth Day Field Exercise Ignoring the Overlay The Taste of Soured Causality Lead to Gold Salt Lick Worlds Weary Dreaming of Honey Bloom The Fly Prayer The Children’s Crusade In the Defense of Mummies Underneath
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Learning to Travel Burning Man Travelogue 2019: Lessons in Going it Alone A Review of Desert X Pilgrimage to the Center: Burning Man 2018 An Invitation to the Burner Scene