Meditations Apr 24, 2023 Essays I started writing this when I was 19. I had less chill then, was prone to imagining that hardness would allow me to be what I wanted I recently performed a story I wrote for So Say We All’s show, VAMP. Jan 4, 2023 Nonfiction Here’s a link, possibly embed. And if you prefer the written version, that’s 2022. Aug 8, 2022 Blog 4.3 — A Pile of Dead Selves #blog #life Death and rebirth is the name of the game. Rising, only to fall, only to rise again; life and death 2022. Aug 8, 2022 Blog 4.1 Time’s Garden #blog #life Time used to be different. We used to make time with the animals and plants. Spring was when daffodils bloomed Seven Rounds May 24, 2022 Fiction By J.M. Perkins ‘Drop him!’ I command, wishing my voice was deeper. The perp does, but then stalks towards me. “Halt!” I say and this In the Absence Sep 8, 2021 Fiction This story originally appeared in Girl at the End of the World Melissa laced her fingers around the cup of coffee, drawing in heat Earth Day Sep 8, 2021 Fiction For thousands of years, we did not understand our purpose. Those were dark times, times when we poisoned the sky and soured the land The Numinous, Trauma, and What Comes After Aug 2, 2021 Essays Imagine you see a UFO. It doesn’t have to be a UFO, but Something that doesn’t fit in your worldview: light(s) in the sky not following all the En Memento Mori: Life in the Perma-Covid May 30, 2021 Essays & Blog Let us begin here, in what is the source of ancient & eternal wisdom: you will die. Unless you pin your hopes on some manner of transhuman excess or Field Exercise May 19, 2021 Fiction “Where’d you go, my little crustacean?” asked the Gimp aloud, senses probing the grimy alley. Of course, in the skin-tight latex wrapped kevlar of Ignoring the Overlay May 19, 2021 Fiction Jenny sat, tapping her fingers to keep from biting her nails. She was having trouble concentrating. She was having trouble being here and now, in The Taste of Soured Causality May 19, 2021 Fiction 1. To Ethan, Veronica had never been more beautiful. Across the room, he watched her sip her champagne and laugh as she touched her husband’s arm. The River Oct 3, 2020 Blog Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time white water rafting with my family. We traversed most of the rivers available in California and beyond: Canyon Crashing Oct 2, 2020 Blog I love my city. I don’t love the housing prices. And we have our share of problems: our radical unsustainabilities, our hypocrisies Fatherhood – 6 Years Aug 2, 2020 Essays Let me begin, my daughter thrives (even now) and nothing makes me happier. And while I believe that, today, I don’t have the certainty of that I Soul Retrieval Dec 6, 2019 Essays I grew up in the library. I was -in large part- raised by books… for much of my life I marinated in books, I inhaled them. They were some of my Lead to Gold Dec 1, 2019 Fiction Once upon a time, there lived a poor alchemist. Alchemists are always poor unless they could convince a rich man to pay them for the promise of Burning Man 2019 - Going it Alone Nov 3, 2019 Essays & Travel Note: This piece was heavily edited for a bunch of reasons. If the transition worked, I just cut the bit but you may occasionally see [Redacted]. If On the Limits of Relationships Oct 9, 2019 Essays The ‘Dunbar Number’ is a figure that purports to be able to determine –by looking at primate neo-cortex proportions- how large a particular La Jolla Fog Oct 5, 2019 Blog The La Jolla fog swept in on a bright October day. San Diego early autumns are tricky; they can be the hottest time for the city a brutal second
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