I’m in kid world, that place where my days are driven by the tempo and rhythm of children (usually but not always my kid). I’m in kid world much, most of my time these days; though the last week and a half have been kid world without break (my ex left for burning man last week, and my buddy did the same and I agreed to watch his kids).

I like kid world to be honest, my life just makes sense here. Its frustrating sometimes, boring sometimes too, but its also grounded and wholesome. Theres board games, fights over screen time, the preparing of meals, the shuttling of bodies; the days flow one thing after another and there isn’t much to show most days besides work and a decentish job keeping the entropy from consuming the home. The kids have all been sick in a falling domino order that made school time (which is always precious Monday through Friday) mostly absent.

I’ll be in kid world for another 2 weeks or so, when my daughter and I fly back from Boston. In the meantime, Ill miss art and adventures, miss parties, miss doing errands on an adult schedule, miss a thousand things. But Ill enjoy kid world, enjoy the silliness of it, enjoy the conversations that surprise me that seem to come from nowhere after a lull of silence or banalities & endless repetition of plans and instructions, enjoy home cooked dinner around a table and movies watched on a couch before bed.

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