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I write and make games. My most popular project has been the Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting, but you can find links and descriptions to all my other game work below.

The Adequate Commoner

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From the publisher’s Description This book presents a new perspective on what is probably the most overlooked character in any game: the Commoner NPC class. Now commoners can be more than just faces in a crowd and cannon fodder: they can make compelling player characters!

The Adequate Commoner puts several new twists on these (traditionally) non-player characters, providing new ways to use them to infuse new life into your game.

Want to play a commoner with lofty goals? Try out the Gear Commoner or Mythic Commoner. We’ve also tossed in some Commoner Jobs to better customize your character with new options.

Interested in New Commoner Feats and New Commoner Traits? Well, those are here too, as well as ways to use creative feat combinations towards creating an effective fighting style. And what would these fighting styles be without a selection of Commoner Weapons?

Even a superior commoner is not likely to survive a life of adventure for long without some help. That’s why we’ve provided an arsenal of New Tools, Consumables, and Ammunition, as well as New Magic Items and New Alchemical Items of particular interest to such an aspiring hero. And if that isn’t enough to not just keep your commoner alive, but bring them victory, how about checking out the new concept of Improvised Traps?

Rounding out such goodies are tactics and suggestions for running a commoner character game, as well as Cooks’ Day Out, a beginning adventure for commoner characters just hoping to survive the day.

… and there’s more! Commoners will never seem common again.

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There is Only IKEA: Forever & Eternal

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There is Only IKEA: Forever & Eternal is a Micro-RPG (of 200 Words) about becoming lost in an infinite IKEA, hunted by monstrous ‘staff’ at night, and trying to keep one step ahead of starvation.

What wonders will you discover? What creations will you make, armed only with an IKEA catalog and the contents of your pockets? Will you escape? Only time, and IKEA will tell.

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Design Notes

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This collection of essays serves features advice, insight, and a fresh look behind the screen of a professional writer and game designer. Whether you’re a player looking for a new perspective, a GM aiming to build richer worlds, or a hobbyist game designer/writer striving to make the leap towards being a professional: there’s something in Design Notes for everyone.

Featuring Essays About the Following Topics:

  • Fantasy Flavor and Getting Beyond Tolkien’s Legacy

  • Making Believable Fantasy Worlds

  • My Writing Process (circa 2016)

  • Simple Rules for Better game design

And much, much more.

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Books & Games

The Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide 5e & Pathfinder– Author & Designer

Carving up the Tarrasque: Alchemy & Crafting Supplement 5e & Pathfinder – Author & Designer

Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement (Pangolin Press) — Author & Designer

Design Notes (Pangolin Press) — Author

There is Only IKEA: Forever & Eternal (Pangolin Press) — Designer

The Adequate Commoner (Misfit Studios) — Author

You’re Gonna Die Screaming (Misfit Studios) — Author

Bite Me: A Guide to Playing Lycanthropes (Misfit Studios) – Contributor

Monster Hunters RPG: Samhain (The Avalon Game Company) — Contributor

Monster Hunters RPG: Dark Europe (The Avalon Game Company) — Contributor

Monster Hunters RPG (The Avalon Game Company) — Contributor

Monster Hunters RPG: A Guide to Vampires (The Avalon Game Company) – Author

Monster Hunters RPG: Sins of the Father (The Avalon Game Company) – Contributor


The Adequate Adventurer — Low class and no class play options for Pathfinder and other RPGs.

The City of Salt in Wounds — The system agnostic city fueled by the perpetual butchery of an unkillable regenerating giant monster.

Tribality — A collection of gaming tools, research, news and other fun stuff.


I created a custom party/signing game for The Odds novel written by Robert J. Peterson and published by California Coldblood.