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Terms with the Dead March 1, 2024 Essays As a big part of my life, and an even bigger part of my spiritual life, I’ve been focusing on coming to terms with my dead. Most Dog Shit: Practicing Judgment, Practicing Being Hated… February 13, 2024 Essays …but not really. In Two Cheers for Anarchism, James Scott advocates (ethically) practicing breaking rules as necessary and good to be better Normal Heights February 9, 2024 Blog & Home For the last ten years, I’ve been living in Normal Heights in a below market 2 bedroom apartment in a sagging, decaying 8 unit Enlightenment & Reductionism February 9, 2024 Essays I was reading about enlightenment the other day (from a thread on twitter I can no longer find). The basic premise was AI and Art Making January 16, 2024 Blog In my life, I have seen a cambrian explosion of computational machine capabilities. Machines (or more specifically programmed algorithms, neural Kid World August 30, 2023 Blog I’m in kid world, that place where my days are driven by the tempo and rhythm of children (usually but not always my kid). I’m in kid world much, Fatherhood 8 Years In July 19, 2023 Essays Elliott flourishes, and this pleases me. She has friends and family. She has school and her dog. She has more or less good Archival Quality June 12, 2023 Blog I’ve never been much an editor, much less an archivist. That said, I’ve always bucked against my own leanings and biases; felt like I should be a A New Moon June 12, 2023 Blog I lost writing, for a time. It was one of a myriad of things I threw on the pyre of trying to keep a failing marriage going, mortgaging Story Capture June 1, 2023 Essays Human beings live inside stories. Perhaps it is possible -with brain injury or with enlightenment- to live outside them rather than simply take Meditations April 24, 2023 Essays I started writing this when I was 19. I had less chill then, was prone to imagining that hardness would allow me to be what I wanted Mona January 4, 2023 Nonfiction I recently performed a story I wrote for So Say We All’s show, VAMP. Here’s a link, possibly embed. And if you prefer the written version, that’s Time's Garden August 8, 2022 Blog Time used to be different. We used to make time with the animals and plants. Spring was when daffodils bloomed, which varied year to year as we A Pile of Dead Selves August 2, 2022 Blog Death and rebirth is the name of the game. Rising, only to fall, only to rise again; life and death, victory and defeat, expansion contraction – the The Grooves June 1, 2022 Blog I used to suffer from optimization sickness. Whatever I was doing, I thought I could do it better. Whatever I accompished, I thought I could do Seven Rounds May 24, 2022 Fiction By J.M. Perkins ‘Drop him!’ I command, wishing my voice was deeper. The perp does, but then stalks towards me. “Halt!” I say and this Things I Never Regret April 12, 2022 Blog I never regret camping. I never regret going out dancing. I never regret writing. I never regret having an adventure with my kid. I never regret Status Hacking April 2, 2022 Essays Depending on what door you enter a building through, your mannerisms, your _; the same data/information will be interpreted differently as In the Absence September 8, 2021 Fiction This story originally appeared in Girl at the End of the World Melissa laced her fingers around the cup of coffee, drawing in heat Earth Day September 8, 2021 Fiction For thousands of years, we did not understand our purpose. Those were dark times, times when we poisoned the sky and soured the land Next page