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Fatherhood: Three Years In Sep 25, 2017 Essays On July 30th my daughter -Elliott Rose Perkins- turned three. On September 12th, she attended her first day of pre-school. Milestones like these Scare-People May 4, 2017 Blog In my apartment’s laundry, there is what appears to be a security camera (it might be fake). Someone has placed a crumpled sticker over the plastic Salt Lick Apr 2, 2017 Fiction ‘Come on you bastard.’ Frank thought, afraid to even whisper it aloud. ‘Come on.’ A figure moved through the gray-frost mist, drew closer Pokémon Go and the Invitation to Play Nov 5, 2016 Essays I considered –briefly- writing an essay about why I’m not playing Pokémon Go despite it seeming to be nearly perfectly designed to appeal to me: a 3 Things I Learned Wearing “Women’s” Pants Apr 13, 2016 Essays So, first things first, there’s nothing particularly ‘womanly’ about the bright blue pants I picked up while thrifting (which are perfect as a base Fatherhood: Seven Months In Apr 2, 2015 Essays TLDR - I Like it, it’s hard sometimes, but it’s helping me become a better person and I love my daughter. Long Version If what my mother modeled for Fatherhood 22 Months In Apr 2, 2015 Essays When it comes to parenthood, first and foremost let me say my daughter thrives and nothing makes me happier. I recently reread my earlier essays Monogamish Mar 9, 2015 Essays It is the 9th day of March in the year 2015 and as I write these words, I am deeply in love and lust with my wife, someone with whom I Worlds Weary Oct 9, 2014 Fiction This story originally appeared in the Superhero Monster Hunter Anthology Today I would kill the demon, or he would kill me; but one of Dreaming of Honey Feb 14, 2014 Fiction Megan flipped through glossy gossip magazine pages as the TV buzzed inanities behind her. She really should have unsubscribed from Bloom Feb 11, 2014 Fiction This story originally appeared in the Fall 2014 edition of Blight Digest. Mary took the disinfectant wipe from the smiling server with a reflexive The Fly Prayer May 20, 2013 Fiction The screen blared as I sat and waited for my two quarter ounces of machine killed, machine pressed, machine warmed beef. There were Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, Lex Luthor, and the Hobbled Genius in Fiction May 4, 2012 Essays Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, Lex Luthor and the Hobbled Genius in Fiction I dig me some supervillains, but of all their tropes and flavors I The Children’s Crusade Apr 9, 2012 Fiction This story originally appeared in The Crimson Pact Vol 4 ‘Well, this is new.’ I think, sliding into my body. This far into In the Defense of Mummies May 4, 2010 Fiction (This Article first Appeared in the December 2375 issue of Mad Science Monthly and is reprinted with permission. Mad Science Monthly accepts no Underneath Mar 22, 2009 Fiction The hairs on the back of Travis’ neck stood on end. He listened. He waited. He fidgeted about, hopped from foot to foot the black plastic